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RTD-6 Series Hermetic Limiter Discriminators

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RTI has developed a series of hybrid limiter discriminators that provide accurate FM demodulation of very high speed, pulsed IF signals. The RTD-6 series has been designed for systems using fast pulses of short duration with transient distortion of pulse edges greatly reduced. These units are available in the 30 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range, with PC mountable pins.

Design Note: Radar Technology can customize any of our products to meet your individual system requirements. RTI also offers many Form, Fit, Function replacements to old RHG Electronics Amplifiers.


  • 30 MHz to 1GHz Frequency Range
  • Hermetically Sealed PCB Mountable
  • <±5% Linearity
General Specifications
Linearity <±5% (at 0dBm)
Source Impedance 50 Ohms
Load Impedance 93 Ohms
Temperature Range -30°C to +71°C
Power Requirements ± 15 VDC

Optional Specifications
Power Supplies ±12V DC (add suffix C)

RTD-6 Specification Table
Model Center Frequency (MHz) Peak to Peak Bandwidth (MHz) Linear Bandwidth (MHz) Rise Time (nsec) Video Output (mV/MHz) Input Level
RTD-6-30302010125100 -20 to 0
RTD-6-606030157050 -20 to 0
RTD-6-707030207050 -20 to 0
RTD-6-160160100502525 -20 to 0
RTD-6-3003002001002525 -10 to 0
RTD-6-5005002501502525-10 to 0
RTD-6-7507504002502515-10 to 0
RTD-6-100010005005002510-10 to 0